A Guide to moving house In UK.

A guide to moving house in Uk

Moving house is a stressful experience for anyone, as it means uprooting not just the objects in the house, but also friendships, work habits and routines. There are a few things to keep in mind to make the actual move day easier, and this article aims to share a few helpful tips.

Get your dates right. This one is particularly relevant for the first time buyer, or anyone who is currently in rented accommodation. Timing the move to minimize the overlap between the last rent payment and first mortgage payment is essential, as financial stress can be worse than the upheaval moving house causes.

Take your time. Putting your head in the sand and plugging away with your day to day life will mean that the moving day will come along quickly, and the panic of having to have everything packed, loaded onto a truck and unloaded at the other end can be intense. Allow yourself a bit of a run-in by packing a box or two of non-essential items in the week or two before the move, leaving just things like a kettle and a day’s worth of eating utensils to pack on the day itself.

Occupy the kids. For young children, the day can be an exciting change, whilst for older kids the day will be a stressful experience as they cut ties to the rooms and places that they have become accustomed too. Younger kids will benefit from having a specific set of jobs, such as cleaning, moving boxes, unpacking things at the new house. Finding something for the older children to do during the day will help reduce their stress (and yours).

Have a plan of action. The Boys Scouts have the motto “Be Prepared”, and the same needs to apply to your house move. By having an idea of the time scale of the day, you’ll be able to mentally prepare for the day. For example, knowing what time the truck will arrive will allow you to plan the rest of the morning efficiently.
Aim for a take-away. At the end of the day, tension will be high, and energy levels will be low. Aim to finish up around 5 or 6 in the evening, and think about getting your family’s favorite food in for dinner. This will work as a motivational tool as well as removing the need to find the cooking utensils at the end of the day.

How to Save Money on packing while moving houses.

The Best Packing Tips to Help you Easily Pack your Things | Moving And Packing Tips | Tips to move your home Moving And Packing Tips ,the Sides of the Boxes and not the One of the packing tips to keep in mind is to label the boxes where you place your stuff. This way, it will be easier for you to know the contents of the boxes the moment you get to your new place. But when attaching the label, make sure to attach it on the sides of the box instead of putting it on the top portion of the boxes.

House to save money on packing while moving house


The reason why the labels have to be placed on the side of the boxes is for you to be able to read them even if the boxes are stacked on top of each other. For if you place the label on the top, you might have to carry each of those heavy boxes just to read what’s inside each boxes.Pack Breakable Glasses with Clean SocksThe glasses and stemware are among those delicate items that we should keep protected during the process of packing and moving.

But instead of using bubble wrap and Styrofoam as padding, you can save money if you make use of your own clean pairs of socks in wrapping them.Simply grab all of your clean socks, and then place each glass and stemware inside each sock.

As you know, our socks come with padding so you can be assured that these delicate items will be kept protected and will not get broken when you place them inside the box. If your own socks are not enough, then use the socks of your kids and other family members. One sock should be used for each glass or stemware.

How to Pack Clothes Quickly Sometimes, we tend to spend a lot of time in packing our clothes during the process of moving. We have to get them out of the hanger and then fold each one of them before stuffing them in a box or plastic bin. This certainly will take up a lot of time and is not recommended especially if there are several other things that are waiting for you to pack.

The best tip when it comes to this is to make use of garbage bags. Simply place the bag underneath your hanged clothes. Then pull the garbage bag up such that all clothing will fit inside the bag. Once everything is in, simply lift them off the closet at once and then store them all in a bag or box.

Removals job in Reading today.

We moved an elderly couple today from Reading to Southampton. A lovely couple.

Here are some pictures of the complete removals in reading.

Man and Van reading

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House removals in reading