Packing Service London and Rest of UK:

packing_service_bright_lift_removalsThey say change is good, but change always requires adjustments. So what is a good way to adapt to the change? You will think of ways to make it smooth for yourself or come up with different solutions to cope with it.

When it comes to house removals or office removals in the UK leave the job to us! Bright Lift removals understand that changing a home or an office can be a daunting task but no such job is big for us. Bright Lift removals have managed complex house removals as well small-scale ones in a way that has won us the appreciation of our customers.

40% Packing material discount when you book your packing and move with us.


When we say “trust us,” we say it for a reason.

Trusting a company or someone with all their valuables that families have gathered over a lifetime is not a small deal. People tend to be very possessive about their belongings and want best possible care to transfer them from one place to another. When customers hire us for this job, it means that they have faith in our capabilities and the last thing we would want would be is to be a disappointment to them. We believe that if we give you peace of mind, you will give us your trust, so it is a win-win situation for both the parties, especially in an industry like ours where word of mouth counts a lot. It is because of this trust that we have spread our work and have an ever-growing customer base.


Sound Experience.

We tailor all moves and removals to suit individual needs of our customers. After years of catering to a number of customers, we have a sound experience and pride ourselves on being able to come up to their expectations. Bright Lift has now been delivering house removal services in Southampton for quite some time. We can say with confidence that we have local knowledge that enables us to transfer your belongings in a time efficient manner at your desired place. There are no delays, deadlines are always met.
Count on us for a quality experience.

To deliver the best quality experience we have to stay up to the mark in terms of standards of customer service.

Trained packers.

We have a permanent staff and we train them to take care of all kind of removals. The expertise in their work gives them the confidence to deal with all kind of complex removals. Apart from technical training, they are also supposed to handle the entire move in a customer friendly environment.

Packing material can be bought for delivery from these sites.

Removal Company branch in Reading

Removal Company branch in Slough

When our trained team is hired they take complete control of the entire move if that is what you require. From start to finish they are trained to handle every aspect of home or office removals.

Purpose built vehicles & insurance coverage.

We have purpose-built modern vehicles that can safely move fragile as well as big items without any damage. Bright Lift also offers insurance coverage so hiring us can be a safe investment for you.

Other Services-Yes, we do it all!

Bright Lift offers different removal services which include partial as well as full removal services. In the event that you do not want to move entire home belongings and just want removal services for a few rooms then also you can avail them. Visit our site, either fill the form or talk on the given number. If you are satisfied with your queries you can proceed and have a representative come and have a pre-survey for a more accurate estimate. Bright Lift offers competitive rates and to get a good removal job done at these rates will make your experience worthwhile.

Other than removal service we have man and van service option as well. We can provide packing, unpacking facilities and storage space as well. If you decide to get the packing material from us and do the packing yourself then we will send the supplies to your doorstep on the date you tell us. Or else you can avail our packing service and leave all your worries to the packing team. Our team can also take care of your electronics, assemble or dismantle furniture and other stuff.

For those who need to move on a particular date or need to empty a room or two for any particular reason but do not have any storage space, you can heave a sigh of relief. Bright Lift provides a storage facility for a short and long-term basis.

Find all kind of house removal solutions at Bright Lift removal and make your move a comfortable one.