Storage Service for those moving House or office.

We offer storage service in Reading, Southampton and Slough, and London.

We offer full reliable and secured storage service in 3 different locations. Please speak to one of our staff members to see which storage is closer to you. We also have contracts with other storage companies which will give you discounted prices.


Ready to store your belongings?

Are you thinking of moving to a new place or planning on having a new business set up? So there is some stuff that you want to take along and some that you are not so sure about? There are just too many questions on your mind and you have no clue about the answers?


A move can be a long process if you do not prepare for it properly.  So contact the professionals, who are in this business and start getting your answers. The sooner you have these matters sorted out the better it would be for you.

Storage in Reading, Southampton, and Slough.

Reading, Southampton and Slough are the storage location of our company. These premises can provide storage services also for the goods that you are not ready to take along. Nowadays people avail such services all the time, the reason being that they are finding the option more convenient and it takes so much hassle away.

What makes you ages to pack and move, a professional removal company can do it within no time and in such a tidy manner that you will be delighted to have them hired. Would not you just love to have this option?


50% Off if you book your removal job with us.

Bright Lift Removals is one such company. We have an answer to all your house or office removal worries. We have a wealth of experience with regards to professional or a personal move process. Customers who have availed our services, know us a reliable removal company in Southampton who can make your move tension free.


If you are not sure that you need storage service then you can get in touch with our given contact numbers given on the site. To gain the clarity you can also call and talk to our friendly representative. Feel free to discuss your concerns and get a free quote for either office removals, a man with a van Southampton or for house removals in Southampton.


Mostly for free quotes, the company sends over a staff member who can visit the site to get an idea of your move or storage plan. On phone, only a rough estimate can be given so it is better to have a pre-survey.


Removals, Cleaning, and Storage.

Apart from this, Bright Lift removals also have cleaning service, packing service and storing facilities that you can inquire about. You can also discuss additional facilities being offered as getting them along with removal service will work out better and you can get a good bargain, making the whole process more cost-effective.


Some people also want to avail the storage service along with removal help. At times you may need some space to keep items that are not of urgent use at the new place or you just need more room for one reason or the other.


For any item that you need to store for safekeeping, you can avail the storage facility that is purpose-built and secure. All the belongings are kept in dry space and are locked. You can have the keys so that you can take stuff out or keep more as the need arises.  CCTV is used to monitor the facility. When one of the staff members arrives for a pre-survey you can also get a storage estimate and can get advice on how much storage space you would require and for how long do you require it. These spaces are available for short-term or long-term use.

Even if you have one item or a few things like a piano or your sports equipment or old furniture that you are just not ready to sell, you can take your time and in the meanwhile arrange storage space with our removal company. We are quite flexible with it.


For storage you can select any of the two options:

  • Once the removal and storage plan is in place professional packers and movers can come to your place. You need to give the right dates and they will pack all the belongings safely and take them to your new destination or the warehouse where they need to be stored.


  • The second option is that the company will send the mobile storage unit container to your place and you can store the items in it as you want to. When you are done, you can call the packers to have the items collected and transported to the storage space provided by the removal company.


The price for both these options would, of course, vary according to the option, number of items, storage space, and the time duration. But it would be worth it, so call now and get going!

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Storage Service Reading, Southampton , Slough